Use Cases

Every DEEP projects technological development – be it hardware like NVMe and NAM or software like OmpSs, ParaStation Global MPI, the resiliency features or I/O benefits, the resource management or the job scheduling – is tested by several of the applications in the portfolio. Read about various use cases in this blog.

The heterogeneous DEEP-ER architecture perfectly suits the needs of the xPic application from KU Leuven.

By optimising its codes for the Intel Xeon Phi, DEEP-ER applications achieved promising speedups.

The oil exploration code is a perfect testbed for leveraging the possibilities of the OmpSs programming model.

Using local non-volatile memory for optimising Astron's radio astronomy code.

The TurboRVB application is a perfect testbed for the SIONlib library.

Exploiting Exascale10 (E10) for I/ optimisation of a Lattice QCD code.

Improving resiliency with the SCR (scalable checkoint restart) library.

Reducing network-wide data movement with the network attached memory (NAM).

Examining an alternative approach to heterogeneous computing in the many-core era.

Adapting CoreNeuron – an advanced brain simulation application – to run efficiently on the DEEP architecture.