Glossary of terms used on this site

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Six ambitious HPC and HPDA applications drive the co-design process and will be used to evaluate the HW and SW technologies developed in DEEP-EST.


Application Specific Integrated Circuit, Integrated circuit customised for a particular use.


Global File system developed by the Fraunhofer Institute ITWM, a high-performance parallel I/O system to be adapted to the extended DEEP architecture and optimised for the DEEP-ER prototype. It was formerly known as FhGFS. For more information please visit:


In the DEEP projects we follow an approach we call "true" Co-Design. It reaches from hardware to middleware/systemware to tools to applications. Only via this all-encompassing ‘true’ Co-Design it is possible to achieve Exascale performance on an application level.


Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform, in short DEEP, is a collaborative European Commission (EC) funded research project in the High Performance Computing (HPC) area. It is the pre-decessor project of DEEP-ER.

Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform - Extended Reach, in short DEEP-ER, is a collaborative European Commission (EC) funded research project in the High Performance Computing area.

Exascale10 I/O software, which forms part of the DEEP-ER I/O stack. It mainly provides new collective I/O methods and extensions.


EC = European Commission, the DEEP-ER funding authority.

Official EC website:


EEP stands for European Exascale Projects. To date it is a lose cooperation of the first Exascale projects funded under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme.

More on the collaborating projects:


An Exaflop are 1018 Floating point operations per second.


Computer systems or applications, which are able to run with a performance above 1018 Floating point operations per second. The aim of the DEEP-EST project is to develop an exascale-able prototype system. 


High speed interconnect technology for cluster computers developed by Heidelberg University. Product specific informatin is available here.


Field-Programmable Gate Array, Integrated circuit to be configured by the customer or designer after manufacturing


The HMC, short for hybrid memory cube, forms part of the NAM prototype in DEEP-ER. The second component to the NAM prototype is the NAM controller.

In DEEP-ER, project partner University of Heidelberg experiments with HMC in the open source project openHMC.

More on openHMC:


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