Training course "Introduction to Deep Learning Models"

2019-05-21 13:00 - 2019-05-23 16:30
Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Rotunda, building 16.4, room 301 - 52428 Jülich, Deutschland

This course focuses on a recent machine learning method known as deep learning that emerged as a promising disruptive approach, allowing knowledge discovery from large datasets in an unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency. It is particularly relevant in research areas, which are not accessible through modelling and simulation often performed in HPC. Traditional learning, which was introduced in the 1950s and became a data-driven paradigm in the 90s, is usually based on an iterative process of feature engineering, learning, and modelling. Although successful on many tasks, the resulting models are often hard to transfer to other datasets and research Areas.

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  • From 2019-05-21 13:00 to 2019-05-23 16:30